An Echo of Thunder (1966) in 2020 | Doug mcclure, The virginian ...THE VIRGINIAN: AN ECHO OF THUNDER (1966, USA) ***½
net. National Broadcasting Company (NBC); pr co. Universal Television; d. Abner Biberman; w. Don Ingalls; exec pr. Frank Price; pr. Cy Chermak; ph. Enzo A. Martinelli (Technicolor. 35mm. Spherical. 1.33:1); m. Franz Waxman; m sup. Stanley Wilson; th. Percy Faith; ed. John Elias; ad. George Patrick; set d. John McCarthy Jr., James M. Walters Sr.; cos. Vincent Dee; m/up. Bud Westmore, Larry Germain; sd. Earl Crain Jr. (Mono); tr. 5 October 1966; r/t. 75m.

cast: James Drury (The Virginian), Doug McClure (Trampas), Linden Chiles (Ben Fancher), John Anderson (Deputy Sheriff Sam Morrell), Jason Evers (Sheriff Harry Lundy), Indus Arthur (Margaret Lundy), Barbara Werle (Delores), Brendon Boone (Griff), Les Tremayne (Horatio Troast), Mark Miranda (Chico), Shug Fisher (Telegrapher), William Keene (Minister), Jon Drury (Hank), Harold ‘Hal’ Frizzell (Cowboy (uncredited)).

(s. 5 ep. 4) After helping deliver a herd of horses, Trampas decides to take a few days to visit an old friend nearby but he arrives in time for his friend’s funeral. He is bothered by the circumstances of his death, so he decides to investigate. Another strong episode sees McClure give one of his best performances in the series as he tries to uncover the events leading to the death of his old friend. Whilst the guest cast performances are a little mixed, Anderson stands out as a gunfighter turned deputy who tangles with McClure. The story builds nicely to its final shootout, which is seemingly resolved all too quickly given the swift import of five gunmen to support Anderson. The tension, however, is heightened by Waxman’s music score, a luxury for a TV series using such a distinguished composer. Jon Drury is the brother of series star James Drury.