TV Review – PRIME SUSPECT 2 (1992)

Prime Suspect 2 (TV) (1992; UK; Colour; 203m) ∗∗∗∗  pr.  Paul Marcus; d. John Strickland; w. Allan Cubitt; ph. Ken Morgan, David Odd; m. Stephen Warbeck.  Cast: Helen Mirren, Colin Salmon, John Benfield, Jack Ellis, Craig Fairbrass, George Harris, Richard Hawley, Philip Wright, Ian Fitzgibbon, Andrew Tiernan, Lloyd McGuire, Stephen Boxer, Fraser James, Jenny Jules, Matt Bardock. When a body is found in the backyard of a home in an Afro-Caribbean neighborhood of London, DCI Jane Tennison (Mirren) has to tread carefully in her investigation because of the racial tension surrounding unsolved crimes in the region.  This first sequel is another intense tale, although marginally less successful than the original – mainly down to occasional heavy-handed treatment of the racial politics and a more straight-forward mystery plot. There is also a dose of internal politics to add spice to the pot. Mirren is again excellent and the support cast of cops, victims and suspects is strong and authentic. Another fine axample of TV crime drama at its best. [18]