Gunsmoke S13 E09 The Pillagers | Gunsmoke, Best western, YoutubeGUNSMOKE: THE PILLAGERS (1967, USA) ***
net. CBS Television Network; pr co. CBS Television Network; d. Vincent McEveety; w. Calvin Clements Sr.; pr. John Mantley; ass pr. Joseph Dackow; ph. Monroe P. Askins (Colour. 35mm. Spherical. 1.33:1); m. Leon Klatzkin; th. Rex Koury (uncredited); ed. Grant K. Smith; ad. Joseph R. Jennings; set d. Herman N. Schoenbrun; cos. Alexander Velcoff; m/up. Glen Alden, Helen Young; sd. Vernon W. Kramer (Mono); tr. 6 November 1967; r/t. 50m.

cast: James Arness (Matt Dillon), Milburn Stone (Doc Adams), Amanda Blake (Kitty Russell), Ken Curtis (Festus Haggen), John Saxon (Pedro Manez), Vito Scotti (Savrin), Paul Picerni (Ganns), William Bramley (Turner), Buck Taylor (Newly O’Brien), Allen Jaffe (Johns), Glenn Strange (Sam Noonan), Harry Harvey (Eli), Ted Jordan (Nathan Burke), Joe Schneider (Juan Manez), George American Horse (Bandit (uncredited)), John Breen (Townsman (uncredited)), Albert Cavens (Townsman (uncredited)), Jack Lilley (Bandit (uncredited)), Bert Madrid (Townsman (uncredited)), Jimmy Noel (Townsman (uncredited)).

(s. 13 ep. 9) Buck Taylor joins the cast as Newly O’Brian when Newly and Kitty (Blake) are kidnapped by a gang who mistakenly believe he is a doctor. His skills as a gunsmith are central to their escape. Good introductory episode for Taylor with Saxon sharing centre stage as the bandit looking out for his injured brother. Whilst the story itself is perfunctory and the situation of Kitty being held hostage has been done before (and better in The Jailer), this still holds attention through to its conclusion.