Quaker Girl (1966)GUNSMOKE: QUAKER GIRL (1966, USA) ***
net. CBS Television Network; pr co. CBS Television Network; d. Bernard L. Kowalski; w. Preston Wood; exec pr. Philip Leacock; pr. John Mantley; ph. Harry Stradling Jr. (Colour. 35mm. Spherical. 1.33:1); m. Leigh Harline; th. Rex Koury (uncredited); ed. Otto Meyer; ad. John B. Goodman; set d. Herman N. Schoenbrun; cos. Alexander Velcoff; m/up. Glen Alden, Pat Whiffing; sd. Vernon W. Kramer (Mono); tr. 10 December 1966; r/t. 50m.

cast: James Arness (Matt Dillon), Milburn Stone (Doc), Amanda Blake (Kitty), Ken Curtis (Festus), Roger Ewing (Thad), William Shatner (Fred Bateman), William Bryant (Kester), Glenn Strange (Sam Noonan), Joseph Breen (George), Anna Karen (1st Woman), Nancy Marshall (2nd Woman), Patricia Quinn (Cora Ellis (as Ariane Quinn)), Liam Sullivan (Benjamin Ellis), Warren Vanders (John Thenly), Ben Johnson (Vern Morland), Timothy Carey (Charles ‘Buster’ Rilla), Tom Reese (Dave Westerfeldt), Danny Borzage (Quaker (uncredited)), Pete Kellett (Quaker (uncredited)), Fred McDougall (Quaker (uncredited)), Jimmy Noel (Barfly (uncredited)), Rudy Sooter (Musician (uncredited)), Wally West (Quaker (uncredited)).

(s. 12 ep. 12) When a dying deputy swears in Thad to capture killer Fred Bateman (Shatner), Thad (Ewing) ends up in a Quaker town, in which the people cannot tell which one is the wanted man. Ewings gets his chance to hold the centre stage with Shatner in this story of culture clashes. The script does not make the most of the situation, but Shatner’s charisma and possibly Ewing’s best performance of the series carry it through. Watch out for Johnson as lead heavy of a gang on Shatner’s tail.