Gunsmoke" The Wrong Man (TV Episode 1966) - IMDbGUNSMOKE: THE WRONG MAN (1966, USA) ***½
net. CBS Television Network; pr co. CBS Television Network; d. Robert Totten; w. Robert Lewin; exec pr. Philip Leacock; pr. John Mantley; ph. Harry Stradling Jr. (Colour. 35mm. Spherical. 1.33:1); m. Irwin Kostal; th. Rex Koury (uncredited); ed. Otto Meyer; ad. John B. Goodman; set d. Herman N. Schoenbrun; cos. Alexander Velcoff; m/up. Glen Alden, Pat Whiffing; sd. Vernon W. Kramer (Mono); tr. 29 October 1966; r/t. 50m.

cast: James Arness (Matt Dillon), Milburn Stone (Doc), Amanda Blake (Kitty), Ken Curtis (Festus), Roger Ewing (Thad), Carroll O’Connor (Hootie Kyle), Glenn Strange (Sam), James Almanzar (Morell), Mel Gaines (Squeak), Gilman Rankin (Purvis), Victor Izay (Dutch), Terry Frost (Stage Driver), Kevin O’Neal (James Kyle), Charles Kuenstle (Wilton Kyle), Clifton James (Tenner Jackson), James Anderson (Harmon), Danny Borzage (Townsman (uncredited)), John Breen (Waiter (uncredited)), Duke Fishman (Townsman (uncredited)), Chuck Hamilton (Townsman (uncredited)), Bert Madrid (Townsman (uncredited)), Jimmy Noel (Townsman (uncredited)), Anthony Redondo (Stage Passenger (uncredited)), Robert Robinson (Townsman (uncredited)), Max Wagner (Townsman (uncredited)).

(s. 12 ep. 7) Hootie Kyle (O’Connor) felt cheated in a card game by Tenner Jackson (James). Later, he punches Jackson and takes his thirty dollars back. The next day Hootie returns the money to the Marshal (Arness) only to be told that Jackson had been murdered. O’Connor is convincing as a proud but desperate farmer struggling to make ends meet for his family. His performance and a decent script make this a strong episode, with its unusually downbeat climax. Totten handles the material well and the editing is tight. The only weak spot is the lack of focus on O’Connor’s wider family, which detracts a little from his plight.