Trials of Jimmy Rose, The (TV) (2015, UK, Colour, 135m) ∗∗  d. Adrian Shergold; w. Alan Whiting; ph. Tony Slater-Ling; m. Ben Bartlett; ed. Tania Reddin.  Cast: Ray Winstone, Amanda Redman, John Lynch, Mel Raido, Paul Jesson, Tom Cullen, Leticia Dolera, Marion Bailey, Akin Gazi, Charlotte Randle, Leticia Dolera, Jack Colgrave Hirst, Pippa Bennett-Warner, Daisy Cooper-Kelly, Montanna Thompson.  Winstone stars as a former armed robber released from prison after a lengthy sentence. He returns home to try and get his life back in order and reconnect with his wife and children – but he finds the world and his family have changed in his absence, and faces a struggle to avoid being drawn back into a life of crime. Predictable crime drama with over-wrought script and one-dimensional performance from Winstone. Tone is heavily downbeat and noir-ish, without the saving grace of rhythm and wit. Redman tries her best to overcome the clichés within the script, but ultimately this is standard fare with nothing new to offer. Shown in 3 episodes. DVD [15]