TV Review – TRIGGER POINT (2022)

TRIGGER POINT (2022, UK, 6 x 45m, 15) ***½
Action, Crime
dist. ITV Studios; pr co. HTM Productions; d. Gilles Bannier, Jennie Darnell; w. Daniel Brierley; pr. Julia Stannard; exec pr. Jed Mercurio, Mark Redhead, Jessica Sharkey; ph. Nick Gillespie (Colour | 2.00:1); m. Chris Roe; ed. David I’Anson, Peggy Koretzky; pd. Anna Pritchard; ad. Tom Atkins; sp fx. Ryan Crew.
cast: Vicky McClure (Lana Washington), Adrian Lester (Joel Nutkins), Tom Stokes (Pete), Gavin Sibson (PS Costa), Cal MacAninch (Inspector Lee Robins), Gwynfor Jones (PS Brown), Mark Stanley (DI Thom Youngblood), Manjinder Virk (DI Samira Desai), Eric Shango (Danny), Ralph Ineson (Commander Bregman), Warren Brown (Karl Maguire), Kerry Godliman (Sonia Reeves), Nabil Elouahabi (Hassan Rahim), Nadine Marshall (DSU Marianne Hamilton), Kris Hitchen (John Hudson), Ewan Mitchell (Billy Washington), Michael Akinsulire (PS Carney), Lucy Russell (Moira Bloxham), Salima Saxton (Ayesha Campbell-Khan), Rick Warden (Andy Phelan), Kevin Eldon (Jeff Washington), Tamzin Griffin (Val Washington), Neil Stoddart (Nick Roberts), Camilla Power (Agatha Jack), Jennifer Castle (Jocasta Wellings), Mo Idriss (Ali Hussein).
An absorbing, if not altogether convincing, race-against-time thriller that sees McClure as Lana Washington, an experienced bomb disposal officer working for the Metropolitan Police. A terrorist bombing campaign is threatening London and it is up to the Met’s Bomb Disposal Squad to deal with the situation. As the campaign continues Lana begins to believe that the team may be the bomber’s real target. The production succeeds due to tight direction and McClure’s convincing central performance. The tension is sustained throughout and the episodes zip by. Whilst the plot stretches credulity and the mystery twist elements are not overly taxing, McClure is so good you are carried along. The sound mix, though, is often distracting in that it frequently leaves you struggling to hear the dialogue, but otherwise technical attributes are solid. The show has been renewed for a second series.