Shaft’s Revenge due for paperback release

ShaftsRevenge-COver-100gsmWoodFreeReports on Bleeding Cool say David F. Walker’s novel, Shaft’s Revenge, is due for paperback publication this December – although Amazon displays an 18 February 2016 release date.

Walker had written the recent comic book series Shaft, which itself is due for a trade paperback release next month as Shaft: A Complicated Man. Walker says: “Writing the first Shaft book in forty years has been not only an honor and a privilege, it has been a dream come true.” “Ernest Tidyman created one of the most iconic and enduring pop culture characters in John Shaft, a legacy that has reached across multiple mediums, and sparked the imagination of millions of people, myself included.” “My goal in writing Shaft’s Revenge was to craft a hard-boiled work of pulp fiction that would honour the character created by Ernest Tidyman, as well as introduce him to new fans.” “For those that are already familiar with the exploits of John Shaft, I hope this new book is like a reunion with an old friend.”

Shaft’s Revenge is the first prose work to feature Ernest Tidyman’s John Shaft since the author’s The Last Shaft forty years ago. The blurb states: When the Godfather of crime in Harlem reaches out to Shaft for a favour, the hardboiled detective finds himself caught in a web of violence and murder. No one is safe as the bullets start to fly and the bodies start to drop, leaving Shaft with only two options: kill or be killed.

Cover design for the book is by Francesco Francavilla.