Shaft Reboot throw-down at KIMT

Mike Bunge has contributed a well-written article for comparing Shaft (1971) with Shaft (2000). The article explores the respective attitudes of the studios and film makers for each production and makes a convincing case for the original over the “reboot”.

In his summary Mike states, “Shaft (1971) is bold and provocative but with real intelligence and depth to back it up.  It’s also a lot of fun.  Shaft (2000) is timid and stupid and boring.  The former tried to represent African-Americans as they are and wish to be seen.  The latter wanted to trade on the original’s reputation to squeeze the price of a ticket out of as many people as possible.”

Never ask John Shaft to give you a "low five."       "Say what again. SAY WHAT again! And I...wait, what movie is this again?"