Shaft #5 – Early Reviews

B7rzq1CCUAAX5rW (1)Here are some early reviews of the fifth instalment of David Walker and Bilquis Evely’s Shaft comic book series:

“David Walker’s script is a work of noirish literary excellence and the artwork from Bilquis Evely Daniela Miwa deftly manage the challenging but deeply engaging subject matter. This book is fantastic and this series is a treasure.” –

“…at issue #5, Shaft is but one issue away from ending its extremely short run, and it’s nowhere near enough. As far as an origin story is concerned, Walker’s vivid telling goes above and beyond the call that’s normally expected from such tales. To mine a long-existing intellectual property that’s as instantly iconic as Shaft and yield such wonderfully rich results is a true rarity. Something this good only deserves the chance to continue.” – Jarrod Jones, DoomRocket.,com

“The fifth issue of the Dynamite series looks to set a lot of pieces in place. Not only do readers get a lot more information about some of the characters in the story, Walker spends time explaining about the real story behind all of this and it goes much further and much higher than anyone was thinking. Evely and Miwa continue to do fantastic work in setting a tone for each sequence and environment in excellent, yet subtle ways. No doubt, with the type of closing page that rounds out issue five of Shaft, readers are due for some real excitement next time.” – Dan Pennacchia,