Shaft #3 Review Round-up

Shaft03-Cov-B-FrancavillaSome positive early reviews are in for the third issue of David Walker and Bilquis Evely’s Shaft comic book: “Shaft continues to be a great read, one that should have a steadily growing fan base, because if you’re not reading this you’re crazier than he is. It’s going to hit the fan really soon when Shaft confronts Arletha’s killers, and I can’t wait to see the blast radius.” (8/10) “So this is another solid issue, which reads like an illustrated crime novel. There’s also a sequence where we read Shaft’s inner-thoughts about Arletha, who he cared for more than he wanted to admit. Since this series is basically “Shaft Begins,” I think we’re seeing the reason behind Shaft’s legendary Ladies Man attitude, what happened to Arletha and how it effects him must be what made him wary of emotional attachments going forward. It’s very insightful. And, as always, I continue to enjoy Bilquis Evely’s artwork on this title.” (A) “It’s a solid book but it’s hard to retain.  It’s kind of like vanilla pudding, which is ironic given that the character is anything but vanilla pudding.  I read this and it just kind of passed through me, not in a bad way, just kind of like a ghost.  It was there and then it was gone and I had to keep referring back to it as I wrote this because there just wasn’t a lot of meat on these bones.  I’m curious to see how it plays out though, I’m not dying to see what happens next but if it’s available next month I might pick it up.” (3/5)