Reviews of Shaft: Imitation of Life #2

Issue #2 of David F Walker’s comic book Shaft: Imitation of Life was published on 9 March and reactions from the comic book fraternity are again very positive.

Enrique Rea at Spartantown awards the issue 4-stars and says: “Walker’s best asset is Shaft himself. A larger-than-life figure you can’t take your eyes off of. It’ll be interesting to see how this missing persons case will linger going forward to the two remaining issues. The art [by Dietrich Smith] is incredible and Walker knows his hero so well, ‘Shaft’ is an engaging series that deserves to be read.”

Dan Seitz at Uproxx rates the issue third in his top 20 releases of the week and says: “Smith’s layout work and vivid art stand out especially here, as Shaft starts working on a parody of, well, Shaft. Still, it’s the soul of Shaft that makes this a great book, and a must-read.”

Sal Lucci at Unwinnable says: “Walker continues to show why he’s the right person to helm a new Shaft series. He’s got Tidyman’s tone down pat but his own style shines through.”

Amani Cooper at OutrightGeekery says: “The story seems to bounce around a bit. Its one thing on top of another on top of his own internal monologue. It would be great to see Walker tone it down a bit or dedicate an issue to Shaft’s back story. Dietrich’s art is great. I love the bright colors and great fashion. I don’t know much about the 1970’s, but I feel like this story and art gives a pretty good look into it.”