Reviews round-up for SHAFT: IMITATION OF LIFE #1

c06efa43-0c68-4a9b-8f42-fdc2957ec408A number of early reviews have been published for the first issue of David F Walker’s latest Shaft comic book series, subtitled Imitation of Life. The series features artwork by Dietrich Smith and colouring by Alex Guimares. The cover painting is by Matthew Clark and Vincius Andrade. The response so far has been universally positive:

InvestComics: “The pacing is smooth and very cinematic- it flowed so well I read it twice.” – Ian Powers

ComicWow!: “This is, finally, a PI story that stands out from all the rest. It has an awesome, almost noir feeling to it, so I would unquestionably recommend checking it out. You will most definitely not be disappointed.” – Bhavna Bakshi

BrokenFrontier: “Artist Dietrich Smith maximizes the character’s pulp appeal with a a clean, hard-edged style that fits Walker’s spare prose.” – Paul Mirek

OutrightGeekery: “David Walker tells a good story. Throwing in flashbacks of Shaft’s life helps to put his point across, Shaft’s inner monster. Along with that was a lot of inner monologue. Dietrich Smiths art is great.” – Amani Cooper

BigComicPage: “All the hallmarks of a cool, stylish Shaft story are there – only this time there’s a much darker edge than we’re accustomed to, taking us down some routes reminiscent of Cruising.”

DailyGrindHouse: “…the comic-book version of John Shaft is now Walker’s baby, and frankly I can’t conceive of anyone else even wanting to take the reins if and when he decides he’s had enough.”

ComicBastards: “With all the cultural conflicts naturally setup and David Walker’s talent for contextualizing internal dialogue I expect this will be a series worthy of our attention.” – Patrick Self

NerdSpan: “John Shaft has never felt as vital, as complete, or as ready for modern times. Do yourself a favour – put the parodies to the back of your mind, and go grab this book.” – MacKenzie and Walker

AIPT!: “David Walker’s script allows for Shaft to be both a certified badass while being surprisingly vulnerable. Dietrich Smith and Alex Guimares give the book a fantastic swagger worthy of the character while also excelling at creating tension in the smaller character moments.” – Robert Reed

Graphic Policy: “As always , Walker adds new depth and dimension to the character without compromising an ounce of bad-ass, while new artist Dietrich Smith picks up admirably from Bilquis Evely.”

ComicsVerse: “I look forward to watching Walker further develop Shaft’s character over the course of this mini-series. And if part one is any indication, SHAFT: IMITATION OF LIFE is going to be a wild success.”