More reviews of Shaft #4

Shaft04-1-859fdReviews continue to be largely positive toward the Shaft comic book series, which has now seen four of the initial six-part tale released. Here are some of the latest:-

Dan Pennacchia, “One of the most understated aspects of Shaft is the art direction and set design of the series. Evely does an absolutely stunning job depicting New York City in this era. The backgrounds are never simply shaped around the characters. Instead, the setting always feels as considered as the facial expressions on the leads. Shaft #4 brings readers back into the world through a return to Harlem, as John reflects on the city and his history with his hometown.” (4/5)

Gary Quigley, “Walker does an effective job in portraying the younger version of everyone’s favourite no nonsense Detective, John Shaft. Enough here to please loyal fans and those who are less familiar with the character.” (3/5)

Aaron Halverson, “The story and the art are solid, even if it has been… inspired by other, better, stories.  If you haven’t read those other stories but are a fan of gritty ‘urban’ stories (I hesitate to use the word Blaxploitation since that implies a bit of a camp element that this does not contain, it takes itself very seriously) then there is a lot here for you.” (3/5)