Details and cover for Shaft: Imitation of Life Part 2

Shaft-Imitation-02-Cov-A-ClarkeThe Bleeding Cool website has published details of the Part 2 of Shaft: Imitation of Life, David F. Walker’s new Shaft comic book series. The cover A for Part 2 is again courtesy of Matthew Clark and the blurb reads as follows:

Having grown tired of dangerous cases that lead to violence, private detective John Shaft decides it’s time to earn some easy money. His first job? Working as a consultant on a film about a black private dick. Award-winning author David F. Walker (Cyborg, Power Man & Iron Fist) proudly delivers the second chapter, entitled “Easy Money”, of the hard-hittin’, tough-talkin’ John Shaft’s latest case!

Part 2 is due out on 9 March, with Part 1 set for release on 3 February.