David Walker talks Shaft: Imitation of Life

David Walker was recently interviewed by Byron Brewer for Bleeding Cool about the new Shaft comic book series Imitation of Life for which the first issue is due out on 3 February 2016.

Sample letteringIn the interview Walker says: “Shaft is still in a bad place mentally following the case he worked in the original Tidyman novel—which is detailed in the first issue. He needs to get back to work, and he takes a missing persons case that he knows probably can’t be solved, but is easy money.”

For this series Walker is working with a different artist for this particular series, with Dietrich Smith replacing Bilquis Evely, of whom he says: “Dietrich has a much grittier style, and it serves the story and the character, because John Shaft is in a much grittier place.”

Walker also recently posted some samples of the original ink work and his own lettering (see above) to his Twitter site.