Poisoned Veins

POISONED VEINS is my first novel, for which I am currently seeking publication. it is a crime thriller set in Manchester featuring private investigator, Joe Gibbs.

Tough Manchester-based private eye, Joe Gibbs, is hired to find the daughter of a rich banker and criminal prosecutor. He soon discovers there is more to Karen Nicholson’s disappearance than a besotted teenage girl running away with her lover. Gibbs muscles his way through the case uncovering a thick web of lies and deceit involving drug-peddling in a lap-dancing club, the blackmail of prominent local citizens and a violent Moss Side gang out to collect on a debt. As the bodies pile up one thing’s for sure… JOE GIBBS WILL DELIVER JUSTICE HIS WAY !!

POISONED VEINS Chapter 1  –  Click here to read a chapter of my novel “Poisoned Veins”