Film Review – STARDUST (1974)

Stardust (1974; UK; Technicolor; 111m) ∗∗∗½  d. Michael Apted; w. Ray Connolly; ph. Anthony B. Richmond; m. Dave Edmunds, David Puttnam (music producers).  Cast: David Essex, Adam Faith, Larry Hagman, Ines des Longchamps, Rosalind Ayres, Marty Wilde, Edd Byrnes, Keith Moon, Dave Edmunds, Paul Nicholas, Karl Howman, Richard LeParmentier, Peter Duncan, John Normington, James Hazeldine. The rise and fall of a rock singer (Essex), in the mid 60s, with his manager and his group, “The Stray Cats.”  Sequel to THAT’LL BE THE DAY is a well-made parable on the trappings of fame. Apted authentically captures the mayhem with well-staged crowd scenes. Strong performances from Faith and Hagman dominate, whilst Essex struggles manfully to convey the angst of the artist caught up in the business and media frenzy that surrounds him. [15]