Film Review – SILVER DREAM RACER (1980)

Silver Dream Racer (1980; UK; Eastmancolor; 111m) ∗∗½  d. David Wickes; w. David Wickes, Michael Billington; ph. Paul Beeson; m. David Essex.  Cast: David Essex, Beau Bridges, Cristina Raines, Clarke Peters, Harry H. Corbett, Diane Keen, Lee Montague, Sheila White, Patrick Ryecart, Ed Bishop, T.P. McKenna, David Baxt. A young hot-headed motorbike enthusiast inherits the prototype for an incredibly fast machine which was designed by his brother. Cliché ridden sports drama benefits from lively performances from Bridges and Peters, but is ultimately predictable. Star Essex, whose hot-headed character competes for Raines’ affections with Bridges, also provided the music score. Corbett’s last feature film. US shorter cut runs 101m. [15]