Film Review – THE SEVEN-UPS (1973)

Seven-Ups, The (1973; USA; DeLuxe; 103m) ∗∗∗½  d. Philip D’Antoni; w. Albert Ruben, Alexander Jacobs, Sonny Grosso; ph. Urs Furrer; m. Don Ellis.  Cast: Roy Scheider, Victor Arnold, Jerry Leon, Ken Kercheval, Tony Lo Bianco, Larry Haines, Richard Lynch, Bill Hickman, Lou Polan, Matt Russo, Joe Spinell, Robert Burr, Rex Everhart. A tough detective who is part of an elite New York City unit is trying to find out who killed his partner, but uncovers a plot to kidnap mobsters for money. Effective cop thriller in the mould of THE FRENCH CONNECTION, including some of the team involved. Whilst it does not quite hit the heights of that film, this still has its moments including a great car chase that acts as a centre-piece. Spare score by Ellis adds to drama. [12]