Film Review – McCLOUD (1970)

McCloud (TV) (1970; USA; Technicolor; 98m) ∗∗∗  d. Richard A. Colla; w. Stanford Whitmore, Richard Levinson, William Link; ph. Ben Colman; m. David Shire.  Cast: Dennis Weaver, Craig Stevens, Peter Mark Richman, Diana Muldaur, Terry Carter, Mario Alcalde, Raul Julia, Shelly Novack, Julie Newmar, Michael Bow, Nefti Millet, Kathy Stritch, Albert Popwell. A marshal from New Mexico travels to New York City to deliver a witness who is supposed to testify in a murder trial. The rather mundane plot is secondary to character introduction and the liberal use of New York locations. Weaver has plenty of charisma in the lead and the street shots are authentically captured. Pilot for the McCloud TV series (1970-77), which became part of NBC’s Mystery Movie cycle. Inspired by COOGAN’S BLUFF (1968). Syndicated sub-titles: PORTRAIT OF A DEAD GIRL and WHO KILLED MISS U.S.A.? A reunion movie THE RETURN OF SAM MCCLOUD (1989) also followed. [PG]