Film Review – DAY OF THE OUTLAW (1959)

Image result for day of the outlaw blu-rayDay of the Outlaw (1959; USA; B&W; 92m) ∗∗∗∗  d. André De Toth; w. Philip Yordan; ph. Russell Harlan; m. Alexander Courage.  Cast: Robert Ryan, Burl Ives, Tina Louise, Alan Marshal, Venetia Stevenson, David Nelson, Nehemiah Persoff, Jack Lambert, Frank DeKova, Lance Fuller, Elisha Cook Jr., Dabbs Greer, Betsy Jones-Moreland, Helen Westcott, Donald Elson. Cowboys and ranchers have to put their differences aside when a gang of outlaws, led by army captain Jack Bruhn, decide to spend the night in a little Western town. Grim, relentless western immaculately shot in bleak snowy conditions against a scenic mountain range backdrop. Strong performances from a capable cast – notable Ryan and Ives. Based on the novel by Lee E. Wells. [PG]