Film Review – THE BRASHER DOUBLOON (1947)

Image result for the brasher doubloonBrasher Doubloon, The (1947; USA; B&W; 72m) ∗∗½  d. John Brahm; w. Dorothy Bennett, Leonard Praskins; ph. Lloyd Ahern; m. David Buttolph.  Cast: George Montgomery, Nancy Guild, Conrad Janis, Roy Roberts, Fritz Kortner, Florence Bates, Marvin Miller. Philip Marlowe gets involved when limp-wristed and snidely heir steals a rare doubloon from his mother to give to a newsreel photographer in exchange for film that is being used for blackmail purposes. Mystery has some effective moments, but this is ultimately an uneven adaptation with Montgomery lacking the cynical edge required as Marlowe.  Based on the novel “The High Window” by Raymond Chandler. Previously filmed as TIME TO KILL (1942). Aka: THE HIGH WINDOW. [PG]